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RaceBridges for Schools

Ideas, tools, & resources for teachers who want to explore diversity & race-relations in the classroom.

RaceBridges for Schools

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The RaceBridges For Schools website was created following the successful student organization, Catholic Schools Opposing Racism (COR), which ran for eight years (2000-2008) in the Chicago Illinois area. This outreach project was sponsored by Angels Studio and brought together Archdiocese of Chicago high school students from city and suburbs for suppers and workshops to focus on race relations and ways to make their schools even more inclusive.

This non-sectarian website continues that work by offering educators online classroom tools to engage their students in the passion and satisfaction of working for racial justice and safe and welcoming schools. It is our mission to celebrate the challenges and beauty of diversity and the deeper human connections that can bridge differences and resolve conflicts. We stand as witnesses to our common dignity, creativity and resilience and hope to offer resources that can promote a more peaceful world.

In November 2013, O’Halloran Diversity Productions took over the management of the Racebridges For Schools ( and Racebridges Videos ( websites. Previously, these sites were sponsored and operated by Angels Studio, a communications ministry of the Roman Catholic Order, the Society of The Divine Word.

Noteable Resources

RaceBridges for Schools has developed a good-sized collection of activities and resources useful for teaching about diversity and tolerance and race relations. Our Lesson Plans and Resources are primarily created for use in classrooms and High Schools.  They can also be adapted for use in youth groups and organizations and in young adult settings. Some of our units have audio downloads.  All of our units are designed to assist you to reflect, talk and act about diversity, inclusion and race relations.

We also have a collection of video clips of storytellers telling stories related to race relations. These are available here and via For ten years, from 2002 to 2012, Angels Studio and O’Halloran Diversity Productions co-produced the JustStories live storytelling events in the Chicago, Illinois area. Angels Studio sponsored these live events as well as the JustStories Fellowships, which supported professional storytellers in creating new race-bridging stories. In addition, Angels Studio supported the videotaping of over 150 video stories.

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