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Spanish Language Peer Mediation Manual and Video

Washington Heights Inwood Coalition Mediation Program has released a free Peer Mediation Training Manual in Spanish. Includes a peer mediation role-play video.

Washington Heights Inwood Coalition Mediation Program

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The Washington Heights Inwood Coalition was established in 1978 by religious, educational, and business institutions reflecting the diversity of northern Manhattan, New York.  The Coalition addresses issues of concern to member institutions.  Our broad-based programs improve the day to day lives of local residents, fill service gaps, and build understanding among the many communities making up Washington Heights-Inwood.

Our services include the provision of mediation to community members and hosting of conflict resolution programs in local schools as well as a range of after school programming options. All of our program staff are bilingual in spanish and english.

Noteable Resources

We received a JAMS Foundation grant to develop a Spanish language school peer mediation manual and video of a simulated peer mediation session in Spanish. The manual, entitled Manual de Mediación Escolar - Entrenamiento Integrado Para Estudiantes De Escuelas Secundarias is 152-pages long, and the video runs a little over 20 minutes. These materials are intended to be use nationally for those programs who may find them useful.

The materials are now available at no cost from our website.

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