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NAFCM and Partners release new free Peer Mediation Curriculum package

The National Association for Community Mediation was able to use it’s network to pull together an impressive training package available at no cost. Peer Mediators: A Complete School Curriculum (Grades 6-8) serves as a valuable and extensive collection of peer mediation training tools and resources. With support from the JAMS foundation and others, the team compiled common program and training objectives from over a dozen peer mediation curricula nationwide,  drawing from various standards of training, evaluation and best practices guidelines in order to establish a thorough program package.

Peer Mediators consists of six elements to help a school develop, train and maintain a successful peer mediation program:

A 30 -minute DVD with an introduction to the program and sample training and program vignettes.

A 90-page Program Implementation Guide, complete with handy checklists, assessments and program forms.

A 30-hour online “Train the Trainer” course in conflict and mediation theory, practice and engagement, along with a “how-to” train the Peer Mediators program.

A 230-page Trainer’s Manual, complete with tips, program forms and over 100 detailed activities, each with objectives, materials, time frames and easy to follow training instructions included.

A student workbook that can be customized to fit the needs of each training group.

A website designed to help provide networking and support to all participants.